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Creative Workshops 

I offer movement, play and improvisation workshops which are fun, accessible and explorative. 

Workshops are often based around a theme, for example, self-acceptance, mindfulness, not-knowing and the moving body in space. Workshops are multi-disciplinary and incorporate elements from dance, therapeutic movement, theatre improvisation, clowning and visual art. 

Workshops can be adapted to customers experience levels, ranging from complete beginners to professional actors, dancers and artists. They can be tailored to meet customers specific requirements, access needs and can cover a wide variety of thematic focus points. 

A creative workshop can be a great way to develop team building, to explore specific issues or to encourage expression and develop social groups. 

Please contact me to discuss arranging creative workshops in your organisation. 


"Fiona's facilitation is sensitive, attuned, playful and she has an incredible ability to make me feel safe and held in the process!"

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